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Strom - Creatine HCL 80 Servings

Strom - Creatine HCL 80 Servings

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Introducing our powerful Creatine HCL capsules, meticulously formulated to take your performance to new heights. With a potent dose of 1500mg per two-capsule serving, our premium supplement delivers the perfect amount of Creatine HCL to supercharge your workouts. Each tub contains an impressive 80 servings, ensuring long-lasting support for your training. 

Whether you're a regular gym goer or an elite athlete, our Creatine HCL capsules are designed to suit everyone. Our capsules are carefully crafted with purity and effectiveness in mind, supporting your fitness goals without compromising on quality.


SUGGESTED USE: Take 2 capsules daily. You can also take an extra 2 capsules pre-workout.

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