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Strom - ThromboMAX 60 Servings

Strom - ThromboMAX 60 Servings

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Introducing ThromboMAX, a revolutionary product that was developed in the early 2021. This exceptional formulation emerged from a perfect blend of Rick's personal needs and extensive research, culminating in a solution that resonates profoundly with the needs of our customer base. ThromboMAX is a unique supplement that boasts a potent combination of key ingredients, including Serrapeptase (60’000SPU), Nattokinase (2000FU), French Pine Bark Extract (150mg), and 1-Octacosanol (50mg). These meticulously chosen components work in harmonious synergy, and through its launch in 2022, ThromboMAX rapidly attained a prominent position in the market, becoming an indispensable part of many individuals' daily routines.

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