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Strom - VelosiWHEY 40 Servings

Strom - VelosiWHEY 40 Servings

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VelosiWHEY - a revolutionary protein blend comprising of 80% whey concentrate and 20% casein. VelosiWHEY goes the extra mile by adding lactase enzyme to aid lactose digestion, making it a gentle and easily digestible option for everyone. What truly sets VelosiWHEY apart though is the inclusion of 2.4g of Velositol® per serving. Rick was one of the first ones in the UK to utilise this new and promising ingredient, and it has since been added to many different product formulas by other brands.

VelosiWHEY is not just a protein shake; it's a versatile addition to your daily routine. Its thick, creamy texture makes it perfect for drinking or adding to your favourite dishes like porridge or yogurt.

Elevate your protein game with VelosiWHEY - where cutting-edge science meets unparalleled flavours.

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