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Wolf Supplements

Wolf Supps - Wolf Hydrate

Wolf Supps - Wolf Hydrate

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60 full servings per tub.

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Wolf Hydrate - our solution to the lack of well-formulated hydration supplements in the bodybuilding and performance niche.

Many products in the market overlook a fundamental element: SODIUM. Sodium is a vital nutrient essential for maintaining cellular balance, regulating fluid, electrolytes, and blood pressure. In fact, it's the most critical one. Most formulas neglect this basic requirement, often because it imparts a salty taste. But would you prefer to sip expensive, nice-tasting juice, or opt for something slightly salty that genuinely prepares your body for intense workouts?

Our formula features 1 gram of Celtic sea salt, a less processed salt with higher moisture and valuable trace minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Celtic Sea Salt is traditionally produced off the Brittany Coast of France, using hand methods and natural drying techniques.

Next, we include 1 gram of creatine monohydrate. This not only provides well-known benefits but also helps increase total body water, reducing the risk of dehydration, as suggested by a widely cited review in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

With 200mg of potassium, our formula aims to maintain a balanced sodium-to-potassium ratio, crucial for proper hydration, muscle function, and blood pressure regulation.

Finally, there's 20mg of magnesium, which serves as an electrolyte and collaborates with sodium and potassium to support hydration.

Our formula is straightforward, including only scientifically supported ingredients, without any unnecessary additives or colourings.

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